Custom Built Clothes for Custom Built Men
How it Works
Built By You, Built For You and Delivered To Your Door
Choose Your Plan
Just decide how many shirts you need and choose between one shirt every month or one shirt every 2 months or one shirt every 3 months.    
Your 12th shirt is always FREE.  
Build Your First Shirt
It's so easy.  Build your shirt by selecting all the design options, including the type of collar, cuff, pleats, fabric and much more.  
Your shirt will be a one-of-a-kind.
Take Your Measurements
Follow our easy "Measurement Guide" and submit your measurements.  Our videos will show you how to take each measurement and get a perfect fit.
You'll see and feel the difference.
No Catch
You can cancel or adjust your membership at any time. Seriously, No Catch. No Hassles. No Problems.
No Long-Term Commitments
This isn't a gym membership.  If you want to go, we'll surely miss you but we're not going to tie you into some long contract.
100% Money Back Guarantee
If your shirt doesn't fit you right, we'll make it right or you'll get your money back.  
No B.S.
You No Longer Have To Put Up With These Problems...
Neck so tight your head turns red?  Whether you wear a tie or not you should always be able to comfortably button your top button.
Shoulder Seam
Looking like a kid wearing his Dad's shirt?Your shoulder seams should fall exactly where your shoulders end.  
Sleeve Length
Looking down and seeing your cuff halfway down your hand?  Your cuff should fit comfortably around your wrist and it shouldn't pull when you move your arm.
Shirt Length
Your shirt is so long when you finally stuff it all in you feel like you're wearing a diaper?  Or, you carry something and your shirt comes untucked.  A shirt is sorta like a good vacation - it shouldn't be too long or too short, it should be just right.  
You know the BellyWink™, you've seen the BellyWink™, you may have given a BellyWink™.  That's when you sit down and your belly expands and the fabric stretches so far that your buttons pull apart and your belly winks at your neighbors.  #StopBellyWink
Helping Vertically Challenged and Horizontally Blessed Men Live Confident Lives
"This shirt has really been a game changer for me"
David couldn't find a shirt that fit the way it was supposed to.  He use to have to buy shirts to solve one problem and it would often create other problems.  He has a longer torso, so when he bought longer shirts they would come with longer arms and wider shoulders.
  •  Solved:  Problem with shirt length
  • Solved:  Problem with sleeve length
  •  Solved:  No longer has to adjust shirt after moving
"If you want a shirt that fits the way that a shirt should fit, that's where you need to go."
David D.
"People even ask me - 
have you lost a few pounds?"
When Raymond looks in the mirror he can tell that the Short & Fat shirt fits differently.  He says, "it fits better."
  •  Solved: The neck fits like it's supposed to.
  •  Solved:  Shoulder seams don't hunch over.
  •  Solved:  Properly fitting sleeve length.
"If you're having trouble getting shirts that fit right or if you want to support a great company with great people go to"
Raymond R.
"From the first second of the intro video - it just resonated with my soul"
Brad is a CPA and Attorney and he needs to look good.  He hates shopping because of the frustrations with not finding shirts that fit the way they're supposed to.
  •  Was told, "Man, you look sharp!" the first day he wore his new shirt
  •  Says that his Short & Fat shirt "fit like a glove"
  • Taking his measurements was a "painless process"
"I would strongly encourage y'all to dive in head first, just like I did, and get you some of these great shirts - you'll be glad you did."
Brad B.
So, what's the catch?
There really is no catch.  You can adjust your member level or cancel your membership at any time.  Of course, we would hate to see you go, but we can't make you stay on as a member.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes.  We have a No B.S. Guarantee.  No Bull Shirt that is.  We can't have you out there wearing ill-fitting shirts.  If your shirt doesn't fit you right, we'll make it right or we'll give you your money back.  No B.S.
What happens next?
Well, I guess it's your move.  By now you've watched the videos and read what you're going to read.  If we're a good fit (pun intended) then you'll likely sign up as a member.  If we're not, then by golly we wish you well.  But, just in case you're still weighing the pros and cons, take a look at the FAQ's below and I bet you'll have one more chance to sign up or at least join our FREE online course.  
P. S. - Here Are A Few More FAQ's We Get...
How long does the membership last?
You can cancel at any time.  When you first sign up you'll choose from one of three options; monthly, every other month or every three months.  As a member, you can always buy additional shirts at member rates.
How much is shipping?
Members never pay shipping - it's always free.  Even if you purchase a shirt between your member level schedule, you'll never pay shipping fees.
Can I gift someone a membership?
Absolutely.  What a great idea, by the way!  Just click here and you'll be taken to our E-card page.  You can choose a set amount or you can buy an annual membership on behalf of someone you love.  
How can I reach someone at Short & Fat?
Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].  We're good about getting back with you.  And, if you feel like you need a private consultation to discuss your shirts or your membership, we can schedule an appointment.
Do I have to be a member to buy shirts?
No.  However, membership definitely has it's privileges.  Our single order shirts are $127, plus a small shipping fee.  So, with our member pricing and other great benefits you're looking at close to 30% off every shirt.
How long does it take to get my shirts?
Since each Short & Fat shirt is actually custom-built for you, using your exact body measurements, it takes approximately three weeks from design submission to delivery.  This is one of the best parts of our membership because your shirts will conveniently come on your schedule so timing is less of an issue.  
Why do members get a free shirt after 12 months?
The answer is actually very simple - we want to reward you for your loyalty.  We figure if you're going to honor us by trusting us with making your shirts we want to honor you by giving you more than you expect. 
Bottomline - why should I become a member?
I could write till I'm blue in the face with all the benefits, but I'll bottomline it.  Convenience, Compliments and Confidence.  I'm betting that you'll get your first shirt and immediately start getting compliments.  Those compliments will make you feel good and you'll realize just how awesome you really are.  And, then you'll understand that you were born to be a member of the Short & Fat Nation.  Welcome aboard, Brother!  We're so glad you're here...
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