Helping Vertically Challenged and Horizontally Blessed Men Live Confident Lives
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Our Core Values
Sure we like to grab your attention, but there is so much more to Short & Fat than a funny name and entertaining videos.  Our mission is to "Help Vertically Challenged and Horizontally Blessed Men Live Confident Lives" and we take that seriously.  

We've taken the time to really think about how we can serve.  Whether it's through our free online courses, our tips, tricks and strategies, called "Chubby Nuggets"or our custom-built clothes.

We also have a set of rules that we live by.  We established these rules to serve as guiding principles for now and as Short & Fat grows.  We consider these five things with every decision we make, every conversation we have and every relationship we build.   
  • Deliver Awesome - We try to provide the most amazing experience possible, in everything we do.
  • Kindergarten Simple - We make the complicated look easy.
  • Stay Fascinated and Fascinating - We are always learning, growing and sharing.
  • Infect Confidence - We don't just want to be confident, we want it to spread like crazy.
  • Love Everyone's Journey - This is the heart and soul of Short & Fat - love yourself where you are today.
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